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Seen on Humanitarian diplomacy and principled humanitarian action

VIDEO: While a growing variety of humanitarian actors endorse humanitarian principles in practice, a lack of common understanding, or even misleading or politicized uses of these principles, risks jeopardizing the scope and scale of humanitarian action. Watch ICRC President, Peter Maurer's presentation. Read More

Event - USIP, May 9th - Professional Standards in Humanitarian and Human Rights Work

On the occasion of our 150th anniversary, the United States Institute of Peace (USIP), InterAction and the ICRC will launch the revised Professional Standards for Protection Work tomorrow at USIP.

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ICRC President On The Challenges Of The Evolving Battlefield

This March 20 NYU School of Law speech by ICRC President Peter Maurer provides a comprehensive look at the state of the contemporary battlefield and the challenges facing humanitarian actors. Essential reading, not just as an insight on the operational realities we face every day in the field, but also as a complement to the legal and not-so academic debates we are featuring in our on-going IHL Challenges Series.


Challenges of the evolving battlefield: reflections from a humanitarian perspective

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HPCR-ICRC live web seminar on future of humanitarian action

The 150th anniversary of the ICRC is an opportunity to reflect on the evolution not only of the ICRC, but of the humanitarian sector in general. It is also an occasion to critically assess how humanitarian organisations anticipate future crisis and challenges, while becoming more professional, adaptive and capable of engaging with new humanitarian actors.

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