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We live in a turbulent period of armed conflict, mass migration, divisive politics and uncertain futures.  Our smartphones and TVs bring us a continuous stream of images showing a world that is full of suffering, with hospitals bombed, populations besieged, civilians targeted and millions uprooted from their homes.  Advances in technology and communication mean that we know more than ever about what happens in war, including atrocities that can occur. We also hear concerns about the efficacy of international humanitarian law, including the Geneva Conventions, and whether laws that were written decades ago are effective and pertinent today. 

In this face of this suffering and these concerns, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) commissioned WIN/Gallup to carry out a global survey on public attitudes towards war and the rules of war, including 17,000 people from 16 countries.  Survey participants were living in countries in conflict, such as Afghanistan, Iraq, South Sudan and Yemen, as well as powerful countries fighting wars, like the United States and Russia.  They were asked questions on a variety of issues such as the protection of civilians, attacks against hospitals, treatments of detainees and the role of the international community in ensuring respect for the rules of war. For the full report, click here. To read the executive summary, click here. For key findings, click here.




People on war Report and data