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Welcome to Intercross the Podcast!

Listen to our introductory episode to learn more about your hosts, our vision for the podcasts and what you can expect. The ICRC operates in nearly 80 countries around the globe so the breadth of our work is expansive. We hope that this podcast gives you an indepth look at the people and places behind the ICRC, stories of those impacted by conflict, operational updates and debates and discussions concerning International Humanitarian Law, conflicts and other situations of violence. We're always happy to have your feedback and input, just email editor Niki Clark

**Intercross, the Podcast disclaimer: Just because something or someone is featured here, doesn't mean we endorse or agree with the institutions they represent. Views expressed on the platforms we may highlight don't necessarily represent those of the ICRC.**  

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Episode #1: Humanity at the Heart of Compliance with Brian McQuinn and Jonathan Somer, February 7, 2017


Brian McQuinn and Jonathan Somer talk about the challenges of working with non-state armed groups. McQuinn and Somer both have extensive experience working with non-state armed groups around the world, trying to strengthen compliance with international humanitarian law. What they both conclude: humanity is at the heart of compliance. Hosted by Tracey Begley.

Episode #2: The Long & Dedicated Path to ICRC with Charlotte Lindsey, February 7, 2017


ICRC Director of Communications Charlotte Lindsey sits down with Intercross to discuss her journey to becoming the first non-Swiss delegate with the ICRC, the changing way we communicate, and how her decades with the organization started with a simple book recommendation. Hosted by Niki Clark.

Episode #3: The Importance of IHL with Brigadier General (ret.) Rich Gross, February 7, 2017


Brig. General (ret.) Rich Gross, the former Legal Counsel to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, speaks with Intercross about the importance of international humanitarian law (IHL) and reflections on IHL after decades of service, including as the Legal Adviser for NATO ISAF and US forces in Afghanistan. Gross talks about his personal experiences in the military and interactions with the ICRC. Hosted by Tracey Begley.

Episode #4: The Missing with Olivier Dubois and Ute Hofmeister February 7, 2017


Olivier Dubois, coordinator for the Missing Persons program and Ute Hofmeister, forensics coordinator, speak to Intercross about the ICRC's work surrounding the missing. During conflicts, thousands of people disappear. How do you find them or give their family closures, particularly when it's been decades since their disappearance? How does ICRC support the families of the missing? And what motivates people to work in a field with often little answers? Hosted by Niki Clark and Tracey Begley.

Episode #5: Being Female In South Sudan With Deepmala Mahla & Alyona Synenko March 7, 2017


In this episode of Intercross the Podcast, we speak with two women working in one of the most dangerous countries in the world for aid workers, South Sudan. Deepmala Mahla serves as Country Director for Mercy Corps and Alyona Synenko is the ICRC's Communications Delegate, both located in Juba.  In honor of International Women's Day, join us for a frank discussion (and our first Skype podcast!) about being female in the humanitarian field, the women they admire most and the challenges women face living in a country in conflict. Hosted by Sara Owens. 

Episode #6: The Laws that Govern Outer Space with Dale Stephens and Pete Hays, March 14, 2017


Dale Stephens and Pete Hays discuss the intricacies of military operations and outer space.  There are over a thousands satellites orbiting the earth that are used in our everyday lives.  This podcast explores their military use and vulnerabilities, and the laws that govern outer space operations. Hosted by Tracey Begley.

Episode #7: Reflecting on the Clara Barton Competition with Loyola University Chicago School of Law Students, March 21, 2017


In this episode of Intercross the Podcast, Sara Owens sits down with three students from Loyola University Chicago School of Law, Mary Macleod, Elena Sakelaris, and Constantine Gavrillos, to reflect on their experience preparing for and competing at the Clara Barton Competition, what they took away from the competition, and advise for future participants.

The Clara Barton IHL Competition (CBC) provides law students, international students, and military academy and institution students a unique opportunity to experience the laws of war as they are applied in practice, while offering these emerging leaders the chance to network with top authorities in this field.

Episode #8: The Toolbox of Transitional Justice with Claudia Josi, March 28, 2017


Professor Claudia Josi from the Santa Clara School of Law speaks with Intercross about transitional justice. From her own experiences growing up during conflict in Peru, Josi speaks about legal dimensions of a society transitioning from conflict to peace. Hosted by Tracey Begley.