Episode #85 Displacement in Times of Armed Conflict with Dr. Cedric Cotter

This episode of Intercross the Podcast is the fourth in our new joint series with Humanitarian Law & Policy. Humanitarian Law & Policy is the ICRC blog based in Geneva that provides timely analysis and debate on international humanitarian law (IHL) issues and the policies that shape humanitarian action. With this series we hope to have monthly conversations on trends, issues, future challenges and solutions as they pertain to IHL or humanitarian action.

Whether within or across borders, the displacement of persons remains a pressing humanitarian concern. Millions of people are separated from their homes, livelihoods and families each year by armed conflict or other catastrophes, and frequently suffer severe abuses and hardship while in flight or at their place of refuge. ICRC recently released a study called Displacement in Times of Armed Conflict: How International Humanitarian Law Protects in War and Why it Matters. In this episode of the podcast, we speak with Dr. Cedric Cotter, the lead researcher behind the report to discuss the role of IHL in influencing displacement. Hosted by Austin Shangraw.


Intercross is happy to highlight a Music in Exile musician on the last Tuesday of every month as part of the podcast. This month, the spotlight is on Gaby from DRC now living in Buffalo, New York by way of Zambia. Photo courtesy Music in Exile.

To learn more about Gaby’s story, go to musicinexile.org

To learn more about Gaby’s story, go to musicinexile.org