Episode #15 They Have Names: Photographing Refugee Children in Berlin

With this episode of Intercross the Podcast, we're excited to host the second iteration in our new cultural series where we  explore the intersection of conflict and culture.  In this episode, we sit down with Photographer Daniel Sonnentag, Penny Eifrig and her 17 year old daughter Saede. They are the minds behind They Have Namesa social media and photography campaign that began after the Eifregs met Sonnentag in a refugee camp in Berlin where they all volunteer. An exhibit of the same name is currently running at Gallery Al-Quds in Washington, D.C. until May 31st.

In the debate around migration and flight, people usually talk about the abstract term "refugees." In this conversation we talk about the individual stories of some of the people our guests have met in Berlin, how volunteering and working with refugees has changed previously held perceptions and prejudices and why photography can help us see 'others' as 'us.'  Hosted by Niki Clark and Sara Owens.