Relive the Power of Humanity and the Human Voice

This coming May 8 will mark a year since we unveiled the amazing Red Cross StoryCorps Initiative at the Swiss Embassy here in Washington D.C.. That inspiring event included the reunion of Black Hawk Down pilot and former POW, Mike Durant, with the ICRC delegate, Suzanne Hofstetter, who visited him after his helicopter was shot down and he was captured in Somalia.

Watch Mike and Suzanne's heartwarming and humorous reunion here.

Watch our beautiful making-of video here.

Listen back to the different StoryCorps clips here, including two ICRC delegates talking about what it's like to visit detainees, or an American Red Cross worker and his ICRC counterpart talking about what it's like to bring families separated by war back together again.

And celebrate World Red Cross Red Crescent Day in advance by rewatching the entire May 8 event here.