Video dispatch: A vortex of violence in the Americas

The Americas is a vast and diverse region. Stretching all the way from Chile, through Central America, and up to Canada, it is home to almost a billion people. It is also one of the most dangerous regions on Earth. From extremely high homicide rates to the presence of organized gangs that can rival the most powerful armies on Earth in terms of resources, many South American countries continue to be caught up in a vortex of violence that has left between 200,000 and 300,000 people missing and resulted in severely overcrowded prisons. In fact, did you know that 40 per cent of the world's detainees are held in the Americas? In our latest video dispatch, Patricia Danzi, who oversees all of the ICRC's operations in the Americas, describes how local and trans-national violence, and even conflicts in other parts of the world, are forcing vulnerable migrants north in search of safety.

A note from the editor:  In Vortex of Violence, we examine the causes and consequences of different forms of armed violence in the Americas. To learn more about how we work and what the ICRC is doing on the ground to address these challenges, check out our video dispatch with Patricia from November 2012 by clicking here.