ICRC Launches Video on Respect for IHL

"Victory By Any Means"

Today, October 31, the ICRC launched "Victory by Any Means”, a video which illustrates the terrifying human cost of ignoring the Geneva Conventions and aims to raise awareness of international humanitarian law. The 60 second video uses real clips from conflicts around the world, taking viewers on a journey from a utopian dream to humanitarian nightmare. It is the hardest-hitting campaign ad of its kind from the ICRC.

International humanitarian law puts limits to what human beings can inflict on each other. These texts embody our common humanity. Every State on this planet has committed to respecting them. We want to remind States of their responsibilities, and every citizen that they have a right to be protected from the horrors of conflict under these laws. These protections are valuable, they are worthy, they are our common buffer against that chamber of horrors which is war without limits. 

All civilians should be protected and respected. 
It's the law.