Upcoming ICRC Event at UC Berkeley: Stopping War Crimes Before They Happen

The ICRC is co-sponsoring an event on March 28, 2016 with the American Red Cross, the American Society for International Law’s Lieber Society, the Berkeley Center for the Study of Law and Society and the Berkeley Human Rights Center. The event aims to answer questions on generating greater respect for International Humanitarian Law.



Stopping War Crimes Before They Happen:
Preventing Violations of the Law in Armed Conflict

The International Review of the Red Cross on

"Generating Respect for the Law"

Monday, March 28, 2016

Panel discussion: 5:00- 6:30 p.m 

Reception 6:30-7:00 p.m

Room 132, Boalt Hall, UC Berkeley (next to the Zeb Cafe)






Tracey Begley
International Committee of the Red Cross, Washington (moderator)

Andrew Carswell
International Committee of the Red Cross, Ottawa

Richard Jackson
Colonel (Retired), Special Assistant to the U.S. Army Judge Advocate General for Law of War Matters

Kate Jastram
UC Berkeley Blum Center for Developing Economies

Sharon Weill
Visiting Scholar, CSLS, Berkeley Law; Lecturer in international law at Sciences-Po (Paris) and Geneva

Join us for a discussion on efforts to stop war crimes, followed by a reception.

Download event poster here.