Through the Eyes of Children: Buzzfeed Features ICRC Photography Project in Nigeria

Photo by Ethel Martins

Photo by Ethel Martins

From Gabriel H. Sanchez, BuzzFeed News Photo Essay Editor

Life in the creekside community of Prison Waterfront, in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, can be as difficult as its name alludes. Here, children grow up amid a tangle of shanty homes with little to no access to basic human necessities such as clean drinking water and sewage systems. Living among widespread litter, human waste, and nearby oil slicks means living off the land simply isn't an option here.

To better understand the livelihoods of its residents, the International Committee of the Red Cross handed out disposable cameras to 26 youngsters in Prison Waterfront, asking them to document their daily lives in an effort to better comprehend their living situations.

See the poignant snapshots that the children captured and read the full story behind the project here