Syria: three years of suffering... and counting

6 March 2014. Girls stand as they look at a site hit by a bomb in Aleppo's al-Sakhour district. ©Reuters / Hosam Katan

6 March 2014. Girls stand as they look at a site hit by a bomb in Aleppo's al-Sakhour district. ©Reuters / Hosam Katan

This weekend marks three years since the start of the Syrian armed conflict. It's a tragic anniversary for a war that has left more than nine million people in need of urgent assistance, including 6.5 million displaced within Syria - half of whom are children. A further 2.4 million people have fled the country since January 2012, seeking safety in Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, Iraq and Egypt. 

Thousands more have gone even further afield in search of refuge.

Since the start of the conflict, 34 staff and volunteers from the Syrian Arab Red Crescent Society have lost their lives while trying to help others, while three of our ICRC colleagues, who were abducted in Idlib Province in October last year, are still being held. 

Syria is the ICRC's largest operation in terms of financial resources. Our headquarters there are located in Damascus but we also maintain a presence in Aleppo and Tartous. Over 200 ICRC staff work in the country, distributing food and other essentials, restoring water supplies, and re-establishing contact between people separated by the conflict. 

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Abdel-Rahmane, a father of six from Homs, has been roaming for two years with his family inside Syria in search of a safe haven, but to no avail. So he recently decided to escape from his country using the desert route to flee fighting and destruction. He arrived in Bustana assembly point at the beginning of November. He describes his journey through the eastern part of Syria.