Stuff I read - Negotiating humanitarian access

Negotiations with armed actors are an integral part of humanitatian action but how far can or should organizations compromise principles of independence and impartiality to reach people in need? How do humanitarian actors such as MSF, the ICRC and International Medical Corps really reach those they assist? What is the reality of humanitarian action today?  

Last November, Medecins Sans Frontieres/Doctors Without Borders published Humanitarian Negotiations Revealed - The MSF Experience, a candid examination of the compromises that outstanding organization has made to reach victims of armed violence. 

Beth Ferris over at Brookings continues this important discussion with Negotiating Humanitarian Access, a panel discussion that will bring together our own Markus Geisser, MSF's Michael Neuman, CSIS' Michael Garvelink and Rabih Torbay, of International Medical Corps tomorrow afternoon at Brookings.

If you are interested in humanitarian practice and in DC tomorrow, make sure to pencil this in.