Somalia food crisis - Bringing messages from DC

Severe food shortages and conflict have forced thousands of Somalis to seek refuge in the sprawling camps of Dadaab, in northern Kenya. One of the priorities for the ICRC and Kenyan Red Cross teams who work side by side near the Somali border is to restore family links for those who lost touch with their family members. The American Red Cross has supported the regional Red Cross and Red Crescent response to the food crisis in the Horn since late August. Check this post by Mark Owens, a tracing specialist who recently deployed in Kenya. Mark writes in the American Red Cross blog, hosted by Wendy Harman

Although humanitarian aid has started to reach the drought and conflict-affected people of Somalia, too many are still struggling to survive and much more needs to be done. We've been working hard at lowering alarming levels of malnutrition and at reviving the livelihoods of the worst-off communities but the situation in the country keeps worsening. There is little hope for improvement until the next harvest in December, our colleagues in Somalia said yesterday.