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Setting Standards For Humanitarian, Human Rights Protection Work

When we launched the revised Professional Standards for Protection Work last week at CSIS, we and colleagues from InterAction and HRW introduced an essential tool for humanitarian and human rights actors seeking to better protect people caught up in war or other forms of violence. 

This edition of the Standards - they were originally published in 2009 - takes into account the evolution of the technological and human environments we operate in over the last four years.

The Standards also aim to improve the management of protection programs and data, a particularly important aspect for practitioners given the sensitive nature of the information that makes up protection work. 
Guilhem Ravier, head of Protection of Civilians at ICRC headquarters, speaks about the consultative process that resulted in the Standards. He also explains why practitioners chose to focus on the impact of new technologies on their work and why guidance for measured interaction with multinational forces was needed, four years after the original Standards were published.