Today in DC: The Iraq Pledging Conference

Tens of thousands of residents from Fallujah, Iraq have taken refuge after fleeing the conflict, leaving 1 out of every 10 Iraqi children displaced.

Human suffering has reached unprecedented levels and too many people live in fear and uncertainty.

Today, the United States joins with Canada, Germany and Japan to co-host a Pledging Conference in Washington, DC, in support of humanitarian needs in Iraq. Real, concrete solutions for Iraq will depend on how the international community and concerned parties address humanitarian needs, and, above all, ensure Iraqis’ well-being and protection now and in the longer term.

The ICRC's Head of Operations for the Middle East, Robert Mardini, and the ICRC's Head of Operations for Iraq, Katharina Ritz, are in Washington to take part in the high level meeting.

The remarkable aerial images of displacement camps in the video above show the dire consequences of the conflict and that the needs of affected populations cannot be overstated.

For more information on the ICRC in Iraq, click here.