Premiere of I Know Where I'm Going at ICRC HQ

Over the spring and summer, I was fortunate to work with filmmakers Leandro Badalotti, Tara Todras-Whitehill and Eric Maierson on I Know Where I'm Going, a film Intercross/ICRC co-produced with MediaStorm, a Brooklyn-based production studio.

I Know Where I'm Going tells the story of Hussein Saleh, a staff member based in Aden, south Yemen, where thousands of civilians have been displaced in the last year and casualties are reported almost daily.

Mr. Saleh networks with the government and other parties to ensure that our Yemen delegation can carry out its humanitarian mission and, over the course of the film, visit detainees held by a Jihadist group for the first time.

We hope to premiere the 10 minute film on Intercross and in the near future. 

If you are an ICRC staff working at Geneva headquarters, you are invited to an internal screening of  I Know Where I'm Going, Friday September 28th, 12.45pm, HQ auditorium. Patrick Youssef, deputy head of operations for Yemen, will introduce the film and lead a Q&A. 

I hope to see you there.