Pearl Jam's Vitalogy Foundation Gives 25K to ICRC in Support of Famine Relief and Prevention


This week, Pearl Jam’s Vitalogy Foundation pledged $75,000 ($25,000 each) to three organizations working on multiple fronts to address the current famine in South Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria and Yemen: Mercy Corps, Oxfam and the International Committee of the Red Cross. 

The humanitarian situations in Yemen, Somalia, South  Sudan and Nigeria are verging on catastrophic. The world is experiencing its biggest humanitarian crisis in years – and the numbers are unprecedented:

  • In Yemen, the hospitals we work with have reported a 150% increase in child malnutrition cases.
  • In South Sudan, it is estimated that one in three households urgently needs food.
  • In Nigeria, in the state of Borno, 300,000 children are expected to suffer from severe acute malnutrition over the next twelve months.
  • In Somalia, we are treating 23% more children under the age of five for malnutrition than in the same period in 2016.

"Pearl Jam is leading by example, inspiring millions of fans to join forces and support the humanitarian response in South Sudan, Yemen, Nigeria and Somalia - where famine is threatening the lives of millions of children and adults, said Carla Mardini, ICRC Head of Mobilization. "We thank the band for their support - and the help it means we can bring, before it's too late." 

To read more about the work of the ICRC, go here. To read more about the Vitalogy Foundation, go here