ICRC and Vox Media's Explainer Studio Team Up to Unpack the Paradox of the Future Battlefield


The world is in a new arms race.

In the last two decades, there has been a dramatic rise of lethal autonomous weapons due to new developments in technology, computing, and military operational demands. Because autonomous weapons systems are already in use today, the ultimate question about their capabilities is not a technical one, rather legal and ethical one.

This is one of the thorniest and most pressing issues of our time. The ICRC and Vox Media’s Explainer Studio have teamed up for the first time to explore and unpack this issue in a new and exciting video titled “The Paradox of the Future Battlefield.

Watch the webcast discussion, The Paradox of the Future Battlefield

Join us for our webcast launch event on May 8th at 5:30 PM EST. Yochi Dreazen, Vox Foreign and National Security Editor, will moderate a discussion around the future battlefield more broadly, including cyber warfare, the rise of artificial intelligence, algorithmic targeting, the evolution of armed drones, civilian protection and the role of the Law of Armed Conflict. Featured expert panelists include Neil Davison, ICRC Arms Unit Scientific and Policy Advisor, Peter Singer, New America Senior Fellow and Author of Ghost Fleet, and Ashley Deeks, Professor at UVA School of Law.

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