On Seven Year Anniversary of Syrian War, ICRC President Peter Maurer Visits: Starkest Scenes of Utter Destruction


The President of the International Committee of the Red Cross, Peter Maurer, was inside Eastern Ghouta today (March 15) to see the conditions people are facing:

“Over the last couple of hours, I could talk to many people here in order to have an impression what the difficulties are for the people living here encircled and in need of almost everything - medicine first and foremost but everything which is necessary for the day to day life.”

The President went into a small shelter where 40 people are living with many children. They fled the fighting a month and a half month ago in another town, seeking shelter in Ghouta. In this shelter, there’s no water, no cleaning materials, no sewage system. Some of the children are newborns. Many of the children are suffering from diarrhoea and lice because of the dire conditions they are living in.

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