NPR's Ari Shapiro Speaks with ICRC's Mirella Hodeib on Pullout from Yemen

Last week, NPR's Ari Shapiro interviewed ICRC's Mirella Hodeib on All Things Considered. She's one of 71 staffers who were evacuated from Yemen because of a series of incidents and threats. ICRC's Director of Operations Dominik Stillhart released a statement on the decision, saying: 

"Due to a series of incidents and threats, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has pulled 71 staff members out of Yemen, crippling its humanitarian activities such as surgical services, visits to detainees, clean water initiatives and food assistance activities.

The ICRC has been present in Yemen since 1962, but we are now seeing dangerous trends. Our current activities have been blocked, threatened and directly targeted in recent weeks, and we see a vigorous attempt to instrumentalize our organization as a pawn in the conflict. The ICRC holds all parties responsible for the security of its staff."

To listen to the full interview, go here