Mélange du Mercredi/ICRC Library & Archives Official Blog: Cross-Files

Welcome to Mélange du Mercredi (Wednesday Mix). Each week, we highlight one of the latest and greatest in reading, film and other scholarly resources, focusing on a variety of issues pertaining to international humanitarian law. As always, if you have suggestions, or would like to submit a post on something you feel our readers will also enjoy, we're happy to include them. Just email Editor Niki Clark

Cross-Files is the ICRC Library and Archives – including audiovisual archives – official blog.

Its purpose is to highlight and bring out specific items or collections as a whole, and encourage researchers to explore ICRC History, IHL and humanitarian action through these collections.

It also aims at helping researchers or any person interested in ICRC, humanitarian action or IHL to walk their way through the immense number of documents at their disposal.

At some point, this blog will also welcome external contributions in order to promote the works of our visitors or to engage in historical and documentary discussions.

On Cross-Files, learn more about:

  • General Archives: an essential historical source for surveying, studying and debating contemporary and diplomatic history, more particularly in the field of humanitarian operations and their impact on states, societies, cultures and armed conflicts and troubles.
  • Agency Archives: Individual data collected by the ICRC during past conflicts form the Agency archives. The “Agency” actually refers to a succession of historical agencies. With the creation of the first ICRC Agency – the “Basel Agency” during the French-Prussian war – , the ICRC tracing activity has been officially going on since 1870.
  • ICRC Library:  The library’s collections reflect the work of the ICRC to protect and assist victims of armed conflict throughout 150 years of humanitarian action. The ICRC Library’s main collection focus on international humanitarian law (IHL), the work of the ICRC and the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, the challenges of humanitarian work, issues of humanitarian concern in war and the history and development of armed conflict. The ICRC Library’s other areas of interest include international criminal law, human rights, weapons, detention, refugees and displaced persons.
  • ...and more!