Mélange du Mercredi: Autonomous Weapon Systems and Ethics


Welcome to Mélange du Mercredi (Wednesday Mix). Each week, we highlight one of the latest and greatest in reading, film and other scholarly resources, focusing on a variety of issues pertaining to international humanitarian law. Recently ICRC's Humanitarian Law & Policy Blog begin a mini-series on autonomous weapon systems and ethics. In August of 2017, the ICRC convened a small group of independent experts to discuss this subject. Held under the Chatham House Rule, the aim of the discussion was to take stock of the main ethical issues raised by autonomous weapon systems and to consider the ethical underpinnings of any requirement for human control over weapon systems and the use of force in armed conflict.

With a view to contributing to public debates about the ethical issues raised by autonomous weapon systems, several blog posts will be published on the Humanitarian Law & Policy blog in the coming weeks. 

To read the intro to the series go here. You can find the full series in upcoming weeks onICRC's Humanitarian Law & Policy Blog

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