Mélange du Mercredi: War in Cities Highlight

Welcome to Mélange du Mercredi (Wednesday Mix). Each week, we highlight one of the latest and greatest in reading, film and other scholarly resources, focusing on a variety of issues pertaining to international humanitarian law. This week, the ICRC's latest Highlight focused on War in Cities. As always, if you have suggestions, or would like to submit a post on something you feel our readers will also enjoy, we're happy to include them. Just email Editor Niki Clark

Modern armed conflicts are increasingly fought in urban environments, with millions of people bearing the brunt of their tragic consequences. This trend has a catastrophic impact on the civilian population and poses serious legal and operational challenges that need to be addressed to ensure that people living in such environments are protected and their needs cared for.

The War in Cities Highlight, part of the larger ICRC Casebook, How Does the Law Protect in War,  presents eight new case studies, which illustrate the ways wars are fought in cities and the challenges such trends raise in recent and contemporary contexts. These cases allow lecturers, students and professionals to dig into three challenges related to urban warfare, namely the conduct of hostilities, reverberating effects on vital services and the threat to cultural heritage.

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