Mélange du Mercredi: Fighting Together

Welcome to Mélange du Mercredi (Wednesday Mix). Each week, we highlight one of the latest and greatest in reading, film and other scholarly resources, focusing on a variety of issues pertaining to international humanitarian law. Recently ICRC's Humanitarian Law & Policy Blog featured a two-part blog post introducing the topic of State support to one or more of the Parties to an armed conflict and the implications regarding IHL. 

In the first post, Fighting together: Obligations and opportunities in Partnered Warfare, Cordula Droege and David Tuck acknowledge that today, States continue to support Parties—both State and non-State—to armed conflicts. Such support can engender or exacerbate the risks to persons affected by armed conflict and can, paradoxically, also provide opportunities to better ensure respect for international humanitarian law (IHL). In the second blog post, Droege and Tuck continue the discussion on partnering by elaborating selected legal considerations.

Read the full posts on the Humanitarian Law & Policy Blog

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