June 26 Livestream Event: War in Cities - An African Perspective

What have we learned from past urban conflicts and violence, such as in South Sudan, Nigeria or Central African Republic? What have been the implications of these urban conflicts on humanitarian action and policy efforts in the region? How can key international and local actors work together and adopt a multi-disciplinary approach to improve the conditions of the civilian population?

As part of the ICRC's Conference Cycle on War in Cities, the ICRC in Kigali is convening a panel of regional experts from the humanitarian, military, diplomatic, and academic communities. Focusing on East Africa, they will take stock of past urban armed conflicts, reflect on their drivers and humanitarian implications and explore operational and policy responses adapted to the needs of people affected by such conflicts.

The conference in Kigali will be livestreamed here on June 26 9:00-11:00 AM EST.