June 19th Event & Recording: Where it Matters

Are humanitarian organizations sufficiently equipped to deliver their services in armed conflicts? What additional measures should be taken to encourage organisations to respond to humanitarian needs in areas hard to reach?

On June 19, the ICRC, the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) and HERE-Geneva are convening a panel of experts at the Humanitarium in Geneva from 5:30-7:30 that will assess how humanitarian organisations and donors should step up their work to deliver humanitarian responses to those most in need during situations of armed conflict.  

As part of ICRC's Conference cycle on War in cities, the event, taking place on the eve of the humanitarian segment of ECOSOC, will be an opportunity to hear about the issues inhibiting the delivery of principled humanitarian action during armed conflicts. It will be a chance to hear about the perspectives of humanitarian organisations like the ICRC, MSF and NRC, as well as donors, and to discuss the tangible steps that can be taken to overcome them.

The conference will be video recorded and posted here. Learn more about the event here