International Review of the Red Cross: Call for Papers on Protracted Armed Conflict

Protracted armed conflicts are characterized by their longevity, intractability and mutability. This is not a new phenomenon, but some particular trends seen in today's protracted conflicts, such as emerging technologies, pervasive media coverage, and so on, are specific to our times.

This issue of the Review will discuss strategies being put in place to respond to humanitarian needs arising in protracted armed conflict, such as multi-year funding and programming, and to bridge the "humanitarian-development divide." It will also address the definition of the term "protracted conflict," the different types of protracted conflicts and the new challenges they pose for humanitarian actors. Authors could also submit contributions discussing the effects of protracted conflicts on infrastructure, economies, political entities and regional and international spheres.

Authors are invited to send submissions to the Review's editorial team, preferably in the form of a Word document, at The deadline for submissions is November 31, 2017.

Additional guidelines for authors available here.