International Conference - Outcomes

International Conference - Outcomes - © CICR/GASSMANN, Thierr

International Conference - Outcomes - © CICR/GASSMANN, Thierr

The 31st International Conference of the Red Cross/Red Crescent ended last Thursday in Geneva.

The Conference supported important ICRC initiatives through three resolutions. The first aims to improve IHL compliance and implementation. The second focuses on the legal protection of persons affected by armed conflict, in particular that of persons held in situations of non-international armed conflict. A third supports our efforts to strengthen the protection of health care in armed conflict and in situations of internal disturbances. 

Practically, these resolutions mean that States have given us a go ahead and a role to further analyse these issues, engage with States signatory to the Geneva Conventions and make concrete proposal and recommendations on how to improve the law, all of which will be done during the next four years. 

Former US State Department Legal Adviser John Bellinger writes about our initiative to strengthen IHL and two key documents drafted by the ICRC in Lawfare.

"The resolution [...]  represents an important acknowledgement by the international community of the limitations of existing international law relating to detention and represents a good first step towards addressing them" says Mr. Bellinger.

Dr. Philip Spoerri, ICRC Director of International Law and Cooperation with the RC/RC Movement, describes the Conference's outcomes.