Intercross the Podcast: Operations Playlist

Have YOU discovered Intercross the PodcastPlaylists yet? Playlists allow you to listen to all the great episodes of the podcast, but now curated to your preferred topic matter. You can check them all out on Soundcloud, but today we're featuring our Operations Playlist

In the ICRC Operations Playlist, you'll hear firsthand about our work on the ground. From Libya and Yemen to Syria and Lake Chad, you'll hear about the situations and crises in some of the world's hardest to access areas of conflict. Whether it's what it's like to be female in South Sudan or life in Colombia after conflict, you can find it on Intercross the Podcast's Operations Playlist.  

Check out the entire operations series (so far) below! And if you have suggestions for other series that you'd like to hear, please contact our editor Niki Clark at