Intercross the Podcast: Episode #24 The Future of US Detention with Tracey Begley and Andrea Harrison

In this episode of Intercross the Podcast, we discuss the future of US detention in armed conflict. In May 2016, the ICRC’s Washington delegation, Harvard Law School’s PILAC, and the Naval War College’s Stockton Center held their inaugural joint IHL workshop on the same topic. About 30 experts convened for two days to discuss, debate and explore the issue. An outcomes report was just recently released. Join Tracey Begley and Deputy Legal Advisor Andrea Harrison in a conversation about the main issues that were discussed, which are most hotly contested, where gaps exist in IHL and what other law we can turn to in times of gaps, the main take-aways from the workshop and why ICRC brings together these groups. Hosted by Tracey Begley.


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