IHL training for AFISMA troops in central Mali

Busy at Mopti sub-delegation, in central Mali, where Togolese troops part of the African-led International Support Mission to Mali (AFISMA) are deploying to support ongoing operations by the Malian military.

This morning, we presented the fundamentals of international humanitarian law (IHL) and the ICRC's mandate to about 120 Togolese soldiers who arrived in the area last week. 

This attentive audience was part of a group led by Colonel Sy Magueye, a Senegalese officer and a veteran of deployments including in Liberia, Sudan and the Ivory Coast.

Col. Sy, who knows the ICRC well, explains, in French and in an interview published earlier today by our Paris delegation blog, why an IHL refresher for his troops is particularly important at this point in time.