IHL Challenges Series - IHL And New Technologies, Part I

IHL And New Technologies, Part I - Photo courtesy of Reuters

IHL And New Technologies, Part I - Photo courtesy of Reuters

After a short hiatus, our IHL Challenges Series continues with a discussion on IHL and New Technologies.

To start things off, an interview with ICRC legal adviser Cordula Droege, in which she explains the our efforts to reassert the applicability of the existing rules of IHL to emerging technologies of warfare, including remote-controlled weapons such as drones, and cyber technology. 

Ms. Droege describes the ICRC concerns regarding the difficulty of assessing the humanitarian impact of such weapons and the importance of ensuring their compliance with the principles regulating the conduct of hostilities, including distinction, proportionality and precautionary measures. The ICRC report, linked below, also discusses specific legal questions related to each emerging type of weapon, including automated and autonomous weapons.

More guest contributions coming up next week, with responses to our position on IHL and New Technologies by distinguished experts Eric Talbot Jensen and Mike Schmitt. 

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International Law And The Challenges Of Contemporary Armed Conflicts, an ICRC Report presented at the 31st International Conference of the Red Cross And Red Crescent, Geneva, 2011.

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