#ICYMI Weekly Roundup: The Staggering Suffering of South Sudan August 18, 2017

South Sudan may be the world’s newest country but in its short existence, the ongoing civil war has left behind mostly devastation. In a country of 12 million, in three residents have been displaced and one in every two South Sudanese are severely hungry and in need of food assistance. The ICRC President Peter Maurer visited the country this week and said in a news release that the numbers associated with South Sudan's violence reveal the level of brutality being carried out against civilians.

"The number of hungry and displaced South Sudanese is overwhelming," said Maurer. "The staggering scale of suffering is evidence of the cumulative effect of 3.5 years of a style of fighting that appears calibrated to maximize misery. Warfare should not directly impact the lives of so many civilians."

In this week’s roundup, we take a look at the current situation in South Sudan, as portrayed by the media and other online outlets.** 

At least a million South Sudan refugees in Uganda (AP/CBS News)

The Associated Press reported the number of South Sudanese refugees sheltering in Uganda has reached 1 million, according to the United Nations, a grim milestone for what has become the world's fastest-growing refugee crisis. Ugandan officials say they are overwhelmed by the flow of people fleeing South Sudan's civil war and the U.N. refugee agency urges the international community to donate more for humanitarian assistance.

A war without end: Neighbors carry the burden of South Sudan’s fleeing millions (IRIN News)

Sam Okiror writes on South Sudan, saying more than a million South Sudanese refugees have now crossed the border into Uganda in what is the world’s fastest-growing refugee crisis. Analysts say the chances of forging peace are becoming slimmer and so the war and the flow of desperate people is set to continue, further straining an already struggling aid operation.

South Sudan conflict: Poet Emi Mahmoud on Uganda refugee landmark (BBC News Video)

More than one million South Sudanese refugees have now fled into Uganda to escape the conflict, according to the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR). Slam poet Emi Mahmoud, whose family were forced to leave Sudan when she was a child, performs a poem reflecting on the landmark.

Uganda Struggles To Cope As 1 Million South Sudanese Refugees Pour In (Reuters/Huffington Post)

Jason Patinkin writes about the conflict that has created Africa’s biggest refugee crisis since the 1994 Rwandan genocide. U.N. agencies are receiving a fraction of the cash they need to provide food and shelter. But the crowds keep flowing across rickety wooden bridges near the northwestern Ugandan border town of Busia, staggering under the weight of babies and a few pots or bundles of clothing balanced on their heads. Women and children make up more than 85 percent of the arrivals.

Bonded by spilt blood, South Sudanese refugees in Uganda reach million mark (The Guardian)

Jason Burke reports from the Imvepi camp, where strangers are forging family units to replace those splintered by war.

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