#ICYMI Weekly Roundup: 'Outrageous' Airstrikes in Sana’a August 25, 2017


Wednesday evening's airstrikes in Sana'a killed 14 people and injured another 16. The casualties included at least 5 children, the youngest of them only 3 years old. 

The ICRC condemned the attacks immediately, saying "Such loss of civilian life is outrageous and runs counter to the basic tenets of the law of armed conflict." See full press release here. As war moves more and more into urban contexts, civilians have increasingly suffered. Some 50 million people in urban areas now bear the brunt of conflict.

In this week’s roundup, we take a look at the situation in Sana’a following the most recent airstrikes, as portrayed by the media and other online outlets.** 

Airstrikes Near Yemen’s Capital Kill Civilians (New York Times)

Shuaib Almosawa and Rod Nordland report at least 30 civilians were killed or wounded on Wednesday, the first day in two months that airstrikes struck targets around the capital of Yemen.

Airstrikes kill 14 civilians in Yemen's capital (Associated Press/Fox News)

Ahmed Al-Haj writes fighter jets rained bombs on the Yemeni capital, Sanaa, on Friday levelling houses packed with civilians and killing at least 14 people, including eight members of a single family, relatives and witnesses said.

Yemen: Twelve Killed, Including Six Children In Air Strikes On Capital (Huffington Post/Reuters)

An air raid struck a building in Yemen's capital on Friday, killing 12 people, six of them children, when an adjacent apartment block collapsed, residents said. Residents and rescuers dug frantically through debris after the attack on the Faj Attan area of Sanaa, retrieving the bloodied, dust-covered bodies of several children, some of whom appeared to be less than 10 years old.

Children among dead in latest attack on Yemen civilians (Al Jazeera)

At least five children were among 14 people killed in an air raid in a residential neighbourhood of Yemen's capital Sanaa, the second day of mass civilian deaths in the war-torn country. The attack destroyed two buildings on Friday in the southern district of Faj Attan, leaving people buried under debris. Mohammed Ahmad, who lived in one of the buildings, said he was among residents who had taken nine bodies to a hospital. "We extracted them one by one from under the rubble," he said. "Some of them were children from a single family."

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