#ICYMI Weekly Roundup: ICRC Statements on Syrian Missile Strikes, April 7, 2017

Late Thursday (EST), the United States launched 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles at the Syrian military airfield in Ash Sha'irat near Homs. The U.S. President said the attack was a response to the alleged chemical weapons used in Idlib earlier this week. In this week’s roundup, we present a round-up of what the ICRC had to say about the missile strike, as conveyed to the media. **

Exclusive: Situation in Syria Constitutes International Armed Conflict (Reuters)

Dozens of newspapers and online sources picked up reporter Stephanie Nebehay's exclusive wire report from Geneva that the situation in Syria "amounts to an international armed conflict" following Thursday's missile strikes by the U.S. She added that the ICRC's reading expanded the different sides' "humanitarian obligations to cover any prisoners of war."

US Airstrikes on Syria: What We Know So Far (The Guardian)

Journalist Nadia Khomami quotes an ICRC spokesperson as saying: “Any military operation by a state on the territory of another without the consent of the other amounts to an international armed conflict. So according to available information, the US attack on Syrian military infrastructure, the situation amounts to an international armed conflict.” Khomami added that ICRC officials were raising the attack with US authorities as part of an ongoing confidential dialogue with the parties to the conflict.

US missile strike on Syria: Timeline of reactions (PressTV)

PressTV reported on the chain of events in the wake of the Tomahawk strikes, including the ICRC’s comments that the situation constitutes an international armed conflict.

US Missile Strike: Syria Surveys Extensive Damage to Country and Relations (Sydney Morning Herald)

The Australian outlet also reported that Thursday's strike amounted to an international armed conflict and reiterated similar statements with regard to the ICRC's reading and classification. 

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