#ICYMI Weekly Roundup: Combat & Cholera in Yemen

Earlier this week, authorities in Yemen declared a state of emergency due to a sharp rise in cholera deaths. Director of Global Operations Dominik Stillhart spoke with NPR's Morning Edition about the crisis and called for the unconditional and immediate access to people detained in relation with the conflict. In this week’s roundup, we take a look at the situation in Yemen, as portrayed by the media and other online outlets.**

WHO: Speed of Yemen cholera outbreak 'unprecedented' (Al Jazeera)

Al Jazeera reports that according, to the World Health Organization, nearly 23,500 suspected cases of cholera have been registered in war-ravaged Yemen in the past three weeks and the death toll of the outbreak climbed to at least 242. "The speed of the resurgence of this cholera epidemic is unprecedented," Nevio Zagaria, WHO country representative for Yemen, told reporters in a conference call on Friday.

Thousands in Yemen Get Sick in an Entirely Preventable Cholera Outbreak (PRI's The World)

Stephen Snyder reports that  cholera is spreading rapidly across Yemen just ahead of President Donald Trump's trip to its northern neighbor, Saudi Arabia. Aid groups say Yemen's medical system, ruined by the war, needs a break from the fighting that Saudi Arabia — and the United States — have enabled.

Yemen Cholera Cases could Hit 300,000 within Six Months (Reuters)

Tom Miles writes that those suffering from cholera are overwhelming Yemen's remaining hospitals, but it would be better to treat them in specialized centres, 50 of which are already operating, along with 300 oral rehydration points. But such numbers were too few, and the WHO will release an emergency response plan in the next 48 hours. 

Cholera Outbreak in War-Ravaged Yemen kills 124 people in 2 weeks (CBS News)

CBS News reports that the U.N. humanitarian coordinator in Yemen says a cholera outbreak has killed 124 people over the past two weeks. Jamie McGoldrick told reporters Monday that another 11,100 people were believed to have been infected, and that medicine was arriving. But he also urged donor countries to fulfil more than $1 billion in aid pledges made in Geneva last month.

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