#ICYMI Weekly Roundup: Aleppo December 2, 2016

Syrian Arab Red Crescent workers provide emergency medical care to people fleeing from Aleppo. ICRC / Sana Tarabishi

Syrian Arab Red Crescent workers provide emergency medical care to people fleeing from Aleppo. ICRC / Sana Tarabishi

After a brief break, we are back with #ICYMI Friday Roundup. Unfortunately, it’s been quite a hard week in Aleppo, with a 7 year-old who has been live-tweeting her experiences from the Eastern part of the city, sharing yesterday, “We give up on life.” The last remaining hospital in East Aleppo was destroyed, and ICRC reported that with the escalated violence in the last few days, at least 30,000 people have fled to the West of the city. Countless others are expected to have escaped in other directions. That number is likely to rise, possibly by tens of thousands. Read the full ICRC news release here.

In this week’s roundup, we take a look at some of the conversations and discussions happening around Aleppo as portrayed by the media and other online outlets.**

In Syria’s Aleppo, there’s no way of counting the dead (Washington Post)

Louisa Loveluck reports that it's too dangerous to bury east Aleppo’s dead in the daylight. When night falls, an imam slips out to the latest mass grave, conducting the briskest of rites and thanking God that the skies have stayed silent. With warplanes circling and ground troops closing in, Aleppo’s rebel-run districts are in such chaos this week that no one can count the dead. “We can’t keep up,” said Ibrahim Abu Laith, a volunteer with the White Helmets civil defense group. “We’re having to choose who we find and who we don’t.”

Dodging death in East Aleppo as a journalist (Al Jazeera)

Bilal Abdul Kareem, an American journalist trapped in Syria describes what it's like reporting from besieged East Aleppo.

Syrian Regime Makes Advances In Rebel-Held Area Of Aleppo (NPR)

NPR's Ari Shapiro talks to Ambassador Ryan Crocker, a veteran diplomat who has served in the Middle East, about the situation in Syria as the regime makes advances in the part of Aleppo under rebel control.

Aleppo: living and surviving in a city under fire (The Guardian)

The ICRC’s Imran Mehmood writes for The Guardian about daily life in Aleppo and how the situation promises to get even more dire as winter closes in.

Red Cross says in talks with Syria on access to those fleeing Aleppo

Reporter Stephanie Nebehay speaks to Dominik Stillhart, director of ICRC operations worldwide about talks with the Syrian government about gaining access to people fleeing rebel-held eastern Aleppo who are being screened or detained.

Devastating Photos of Life in Aleppo (Vice)

Vice’s Grace Leigh speaks with award-winning photographer Nish Nalbandian's about her debut monograph A Whole World Blind, which depicts the realities of Aleppo, Syria where war has become part of everyday life. Shot over the course of a year and a half between 2013 and 2014, Nalbandian's photos are an honest and uncensored testimony to the strength and vitality of the people living amidst cataclysmic turmoil, from fighters in the thick of the nation's ongoing civil war to everyday citizens trying to coexist with the nonstop violence.

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