ICRC Trace the Face Helps Families Finding their Missing Loved Ones in Europe

Many people go missing during conflict and disasters, causing anguish and uncertainty for their families and friends. The ICRC and the Red Cross and Red Crescent National Societies help these families locate people, exchange messages, reunite families and clarify the fate of missing persons.

In 2013, the Red Cross launched an online tool called Trace the Face, which aims to help people find relatives who have disappeared along the migration roads to Europe. Trace the Face allows people trying to find their families to upload a photo of themselves to increase the chances of being recognized. The only information published is their photo and the nature of the family link to their missing relative, all other information, like name and location, is kept confidential. As of July 2016, more than 1,470 pictures have been posted on the website. 

In this video, a Senegalese mother looking for her son and an Eritrean woman in Switzerland looking for her brother explain why they used Trace the Face. An Afghan in Germany tells how he found his family thanks to Trace The Face. For more information, visit tracetheface.org.