ICRC responds to renewed interest in Guantanamo detainee photos

Renewed public interest and misleading press reports about a 2010 video published by the Miami Herald, featuring photos of Guantanamo detainees taken by the International Committee of the Red Cross, has prompted the organization's regional delegation in Washington DC to issue the following statement:

"Contrary to erroneous press reports, the ICRC did not publicly release the photos seen in the 2010 Miami Herald video nor did the ICRC participate in the production of the video. As the Miami Herald clearly states, the news outlet independently obtained the images from the families and lawyers of the detainees.

The photos were given to the families by the ICRC in 2009 with the permission of the detainees and in agreement with the US authorities. The sole purpose of photographing the detainees was to offer their relatives a chance to see a picture of their loved ones. They were not intended for public display.

The ICRC visits almost half a million detainees around the globe each year. As part of its efforts to restore and maintain links between families separated from their detained loved ones, the ICRC facilitates the exchange of news, including written messages, photos and videos, between them."

- Statement issued by the ICRC's regional delegation in Washington DC on 12 September 2013

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