I Know Where I'm Going

I Know Where I'm Going, an Intercross/MediaStorm fil

I Know Where I'm Going, an Intercross/MediaStorm fil

In 2012, former ICRC DC Spokesman Simon Schorno was fortunate to work with filmmakers Leandro Badalotti,Tara Todras-Whitehill and Eric Maierson on I Know Where I'm Going, a short film he directed and co-produced with MediaStorm, an award-winning Brooklyn-based production studio. 

I Know Where I'm Going tells the story of Hussein Saleh, an ICRC staff member based in Aden, south Yemen, where thousands of civilians had been displaced in 2012. (The humanitarian situation in Yemen, including Aden, deteriorated severely in Spring 2015, as airstrikes and intense fighting crippled the country's health system, and caused severe gas, food, water, and electricity shortages.) 

In the film from 2012, Mr. Saleh networks with the government and other parties, including Ansar Al Sharia, an Al Qaeda-affiliated group, to ensure that the ICRC's delegation can carry out its humanitarian mission and, over the course of the documentary, visit detainees held by a Jihadist group for the first time. 

The circumstances and sides to the conflict may have changed over the past few years, but I Know Where I’m Going continues to reveal a thoughtful, courageous, and complex man working to help others in one of the world’s most challenging terrains. 

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