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I Know Where I'm Going

Earlier this year, I was fortunate to work with filmmakers Leandro Badalotti, Tara Todras-Whitehill and Eric Maierson on I Know Where I'm Going, a short film I directed and co-produced with MediaStorm, an award-winning Brooklyn-based production studio.

I Know Where I'm Going tells the story of Hussein Saleh, an ICRC staff member based in Aden, south Yemen, where thousands of civilians have been displaced in the last year and casualties are reported almost daily. 

Mr. Saleh networks with the government and other parties, including Ansar Al Sharia, an Al Qaeda-affiliated group, to ensure that our Yemen delegation can carry out its humanitarian mission and, over the course of the film, visit detainees held by a Jihadist group for the first time.

The ICRC story has rarely been told entirely through the words of a staff member, let alone a non-expatriate one. In this respect, I Know Where I’m Going is an unique document, one that I hope transcends the institutional film genre to reveal a thoughtful, courageous and complex man working to help others at a critical time and in one of the world’s most challenging terrains. 

I am curious to know how you feel and what you think about this film, so don't be shy. And if you like what you see, please share it.

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