From Uganda and the DRC: a story of hope, restored

© ICRC / Angela Bertini Schuldt

© ICRC / Angela Bertini Schuldt

Last month, 19 Congolese children, separated from their families by fighting in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo and living in a Ugandan refugee camp for the past two years, were successfully reunited with their loved ones, thanks to support from the ICRC and the Uganda Red Cross Society. The two boys pictured in this photo are brothers - Niyonzima (14) is on the left and Justin (13) is on the right. Their lives were turned upside down in 2012, when they were doing some routine gardening work and suddenly, they were running for their lives - forced to flee the armed conflict in the DRC. They were separated from each other and wound up as refugees in Uganda. They were eventually reunited at the Rwamanja Refugee Settlement in western Uganda, where they are pictured here. (Niyonzima arrived at the refugee camp three months after Justin did.) But that was just the start of a long journey to

restore their family links

 and bring them back home to the DRC. To find out how this tragic story wound up with a happy end, go to

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