From the field - Yemen briefings at CENTCOM

Afghanistan and Iraq have historically been at the center of our humanitarian dialogue with US Central Command. However, we have in recent years also engaged with CENTCOM on other contexts that fall under its responsibility. An example is Yemen, a country of growing interest to the United States and today affected by several internal conflicts that impact the lives of thousands of civilians.

The prevailing humanitarian situation in Yemen and the regional dimensions of its conflicts require a robust and multi-faceted response by the ICRC, one of the few international humanitarian organizations active throughout the country. That means engaging with all actors in Yemen as well as listening to others, such as CENTCOM, whose analysis of local and regional dynamics might help the Sana'a delegation improve its own operational strategies. 

Given the interest amongst CENTCOM deciders to better understand what the ICRC does in the country, Eric Marclay, head of ICRC Yemen, joined our Washington and Kabul teams for operational briefings in Tampa on January 20th.

In this third and final CENTCOM post, Mr. Marclay explains why meeting US interlocutors in the Yemeni capital and in Tampa helps his delegation better protect and assist people affected by armed violence in Sana'a, Saada, Taiz or Aden.