From the field - Southern Yemen also on the edge

Southern Yemen also on the edge - A school turned IDP camp in Aden/© Reuters

The ICRC said last Thursday that civilians are increasingly paying the price of the escalation in violence across Yemen.

Media reports have mostly focused on clashes between protesters and governement forces in the capital Sana'a but Aden and other southern cities are also affected by violence with daily demonstrations, shelling of civilian areas and limited access to health care. Thousands of civilians have been displaced by the violence in the Aden, Lahij and Abyan governorates. Countless lives have been impacted, including in areas where few humanitarian organizations are able to operate. 

Last month, Yemen Head of Delegation Eric Marclay gave us an overview of the conflict and of our response in what is an extremely complex and challenging operational environment.

Today, we zoom in and speak with Yehia Khalil, who heads our sub-delegation in the southern city of Aden and oversees operations across the restive south.