From the field - Humanitarian action and diplomacy in India

The work of the ICRC in India is twofold. On one hand, our delegation in Delhi oversees humanitarian operations in Jammu & Kashmir and in several Indian states affected by armed violence. On the other, it engages with India as an emergent world power so that the organization benefits from the country's growing political and financial clout.

Delegates based in Srinagar have visited detainees since 1995 and our dialogue with Indian authorities on Jammu & Kashmir protection issues continues. Since 2010, ICRC India has also expanded its action to Chhattisgarh, a central state where Naxalite insurgents have been fighting the government, and to Assam, in the country's northeast, where thousands of people have been displaced because of armed violence. The Indian Red Cross Society has worked closely with our delegation to respond to emergencies, provide first aid and support a number of community health programs.

Humanitarian diplomacy is an important part of what our colleagues in Delhi do. Head of delegation François Stamm explains how by engaging with Indian authorities and civil society on its global operations, the ICRC can gain greater understanding of India's perspectives and views on the humanitarian sector, specific contexts where the organization is active and issues of common interest.