From the field - Engaging CENTCOM on Afghanistan

Engaging CENTCOM on Afghanistan - © ICRC/KOKIC, Marko

Engaging CENTCOM on Afghanistan - © ICRC/KOKIC, Marko

Second post in a series of three on our dialogue with US Central Command. This time, the focus is on the function of the protection and detention work carried out in Afghanistan in our interaction with Tampa.

Historically, the ICRC-CENTCOM dialogue has been framed around confidential dialogue on detention and conduct of hostilities as monitored by the ICRC in Afghanistan and Iraq in the past.

In addition to the field-level interaction that takes place almost daily in country, ICRC Washington generally visits Tampa with Kabul and Geneva colleagues twice a year. The objective of these regular meetings is to have face-to-face discussions on humanitarian issues of concern with CENTCOM commanders, Judge Advocates Generals and other deciders. 

During our last visit to Tampa on January 20th, the ICRC Afghanistan team was led by head of delegation Reto Stocker, who was accompanied by his delegation's legal advisor and protection coordinator. A Kabul-based delegate working on issues related to irregular forces also took part.

CENTCOM is a significant part of the privileged dialogue the ICRC has developed with the US military over the past ten years. Here, Reto Stocker explains the interaction between the ICRC and the US military in Afghanistan and why the CENTCOM component is so important to adress the humanitarian situation of Afghans affected by conflict.