From the field - Armed actors proliferating in Afghanistan

Armed actors proliferating in Afghanistan - © ICRC

The ICRC is increasingly concerned about the proliferation of non-State irregular armed groups in Afghanistan. 

Such groups are usually based within and around rural communities. Many define themselves as pro-Government. With poorly disciplined members demanding support from local populations. Often, these armed groups prey on civilians who increasingly do not know who to turn to when victimized.

Conrad Legendy as been working with irregular armed forces around Afghanistan for the past two years. He speaks about the efforts of our Afghanistan delegation to maintain contact with the multitude of parties to the Afghan conflict.

By reaching out to both pro and anti-government irregular armed groups, our colleagues in Kabul and elsewhere are engaging with actors bound to continue to play a role throughout Afghanistan as international forces disengage. 

Today, in the rapidly changing military landscape of Afghanistan, Mr. Legendy and his colleagues raise their humanitarian concerns, including those related to the protection of the civilian population, with a range of irregular forces.