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From the field - Port-au-Prince, two years later

Over 200,000 Haitians died when a devastating earthquake struck near the capital, Port-au-Prince on January 12, 2010.

Aid and development organizations of all stripes mobilized in the wake of the quake but today, despite the construction of thousands of transitional shelters, half-a-million Port-au-Prince residents continue to live in tents and under tarpaulins in over 800 camps.

Jean Jacob Charles is an ICRC communication officer in the Haitian capital.

Extraordinarily, the immediate families of all our Port-au-Prince employees, including that of Mr. Charles, were spared by the quake. But their lives irremediably changed on January 12, 2010.

Mr. Charles speaks about the road travelled by the proud people of Port-au-Prince since that fateful day two years ago.