Dispatch/Last Post - Rubble And Broken Lives

Rubble And Broken Lives - A photographer's post 9/11 journey

Featuring the images and words of photojournalist Kate Brooks as my final Dispatch/Intercross post.

Kate's work and in particular her unflinching documentation of the impact of armed conflict on civilians in the post 9/11 era speak for themselves. Suffice to say it was a privilege to work with her and with co-producer Leandro Badalotti. 

I launched Intercross in October 2011 to provide a new kind of window into the ICRC, the function of IHL and the realities of armed conflicts and other situations of violence, many of which Kate has covered in the last decade. Two-hundred and seventy-one posts later, it is time to thank everyone who visited here and say goodbye. I can't think of a better way to do this than by sharing Kate's insights and her unforgettable images.

Intercross would not have happened without the trust and support of the two heads of delegation I was privileged to work with in Washington, Mary Werntz, now in India, and Francois Stamm. I am of course indebted to the many colleagues who generously helped along the way, particularly those who directly contributed their analyses and photography to these pages. And of course a very special shout out to Badalotti, my partner-in-crime on 11 AV projects we produced in the last twelve months. As I depart, I also remember my friend and colleague Hussein Saleh, who died almost a year ago doing what he believed in. 

Ms. Anna Nelson, a very talented colleague, will succeed me as ICRC Spokesperson in North America next week and I know she will take Intercross in directions I was only able to hint at, so good luck to her and to my Washington colleagues.

Keep visiting if you can and all the best,


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