Decisive Moments - Into The Earth, by Tom Stoddart

Decisive Moment

Decisive Moment

During his 41-year career, photojournalist Tom Stoddart witnessed and documented the fall of the Berlin Wall, the election of Nelson Mandela, wars in Lebanon, the former Yugoslavia and Iraq and the HIV/AIDS catastrophe in Africa. 

Earlier this year, Mr. Stoddart, a Reportage by Getty Images staff photographer, travelled to South Sudan with the ICRC to document the plight of refugees who had fled fighting in Sudan.

One of the outcomes of that mission was Perspectives, a photo exhibit held at the London Olympics last summer that was viewed by over 250,000 people. Another is Into The Earth, an original Intercross production.

Sadly, the number of Sudanese refugees in South Sudan has grown since Mr. Stoddart was in the country. Access to clean water in the camps remains problematic and a priority for our assistance teams.

"The challenge today," says Mr. Stoddart, "is to make stories that transcend the millions of pictures that are shot but don't actually say anything, to make sure that you're giving a message through powerful photography and giving a voice to the people who are in your images." 

He, once more, succeeds on both counts.

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