Decisive Moments - In the spirit of Robert Capa

Decisive Moments - In the spirit of Robert Capa

Photojournalist André Liohn was recently awarded the 2011 Robert Capa Gold Medal Award for Almost Dawn in Libya and “photographic reporting from abroad requiring exceptional courage and enterprise." 

In this Decisive Moment, Mr. Liohn speaks about the meaning of that award, photojournalism and the healthcare workers he reported on while covering Libya.

On the occasion of the Capa Medal ceremony on May 9th in New York, the Overseas Press Club of America wrote:

"Liohn’s harrowing and dramatic series of images taken in the besieged Libyan city of Misrata are truly in the spirit of Robert Capa’s combat photography. These searing images are a first rate example of close quarters combat photography obtained at great personal risk. Rarely do we see photos taken so deep in the fog of war, serving, as they do, to shine a bright light on the horrors and consequences of combat."

Couldn't agree more.